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Lunch with

(former hostage in Iraq)
“Never give up!”

Hear his surprising and true story
Includes a Question and Answer Session


Entertainment: Special performance by Rap group - 



Sunday 19th November 2006, 1.30 pm – 5.30 pm



168 Sydney Rd, Coburg, 3058. Tel: 9384 1415.
(Melways Ref. page 29 H3)

$30 per person    
Includes talk, entertainment and delicious Turkish Halal meal, dessert, drinks.
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Prayer space provided. No Children under 15.

Motivational - Inspirational

 In 2005, Douglas Wood survived an unimaginable ordeal:  47 days hostage to terrorists in war-torn Iraq.  Working as a contractor in Baghdad since 2004,
the 64 year old engineer
and project manager was kidnapped at gunpoint along with two Iraqi employees. 

During his time in captivity, he was beaten, blindfolded and witnessed the execution of 3 Iraqi captives. 

Miraculously, Douglas was freed by the Iraqi army in June 2005.  On his return to Australia, his inspiring tale of courage and hope has captivated millions across the world. 

His story recounts the fear, the uncertainty, the witnessing of the execution of cell mate and the feeling of helplessness. He explains how he strived to stayed focused and sane and how he managed to preserve his hope. Perhaps surprisingly amidst the raw emotion there were times to laugh and importantly times to reflect on those things that we hold dear.

 A guest at one of Doug’s speeches, Michael Kroger, wrote:

"Doug tells as riveting a story as I have ever heard. Held hostage for seven weeks in war-torn Baghdad, Doug drew for inspiration on his faith and a powerful will to survive. The audience was spell-bound as he told his remarkable story of courage, determination and hope. For any organisation looking for a speaker with a unique, dramatic and ultimately uplifting story, I strongly commend Douglas Wood."

 His speeches close with the exhilarating footage of Doug’s rescue and return to his family – he sings (and very well!) a very moving rendition of 'I Want To Be Free'.

 Douglas loves people, and they love him.

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